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Sunday, August 9, 2009

8-10-09 Updates From W.Todd

Hello Readers!

As promised, here is the weekly band info update:

1) Thursday night (8-6) we had a good practice albeit it was a rather hot and humid practice. Matt's place is serving as practice headquarters and we practice on the second story which can be susceptible to outside temperatures. So even though we are more in the Pop/Rock camp, it definitely smelled of Man Funk. The goal that night was to gauge whether or not we would be ready to begin recording drums for "Sycamore". I got hung up in the bridge section due to the vocals being tough and so Matt suggested some good section rebuilds in order to change the bridge to make my job easier. At this point we are heading in this new direction for that song but we decided we needed another 2-3 weeks of practice before trying to record things. Pre-Production is king with us.

2) Matt and Jake came over Friday after work to help me cut down a rather large soft maple tree that was dying and threatening to fall on my house, cars, or even people standing in the wrong place at the right time. Got to love the fact that the three of us are friends and that we had that connection way before ever deciding to do the band thing. And fortunately there were no injuries or property damage on Friday when the tree came down. Julia was a bundle of nerves though as we had to temporarily block off our block of the street....I think she thought someone was going to get hurt or else that the local authorities were going to show up to shut us down and slap us with a fine. But the tree was on the City of Danville's portion of our yard and I have been hounding them to come take the tree down for the last five years. The stupid Powers-That-Be at the City of Danville can't seem to properly allocate funds for filling bad accident-inducing potholes in the roads let alone remove dying trees that are dangerously close to the streets. Needless to say we made quick work of it.....and it was fun!

3) "Saying Goodbye" is still in the works albeit we will now focus more heavily on "Sycamore". I can only do so much editing at once and then my brain wears out. Plus I have been taking care of U.S. History, World History, Chemistry, General Science, and Algebra/Geometry assignments for my two high school homeschooled sons. That and 35-45 weekly guitar lessons at B&J Music here in Danville. You get the idea....

4) We (FP) are soon to begin some picture collections of us in action recording, rehearsing, doing whatever, to post here on this blog plus any upcoming network/music sites. Jake is the real pro at this (he has a photography related degree from SIU/Carbondale) and my oldest son Tyler is also quite the photographer. The idea will be to build up themes and artistic motifs that coincide with certain words from the lyrics in our upcoming songs. For instance:

This one is called "Rabbit Hole", a song that will hopefully get worked on right after we get "Sycamore" done. The song lyrics are fairly dark and ominous with a lot of double-meanings encrypted in the lyrics. Tyler took this shot back in May (around the same time I wrote most of the lyrics to "Rabbit Hole") and then he messed with things a bit and gave it even more depth and eeriness by associating this image with the imagery and metaphors of the song lyrics. Brilliant stuff really. Hopefully the song will do the picture justice....

At some point we will probably bring in fan pics to the fold and feature them here on this blog or other sites, and hopefully the lyric word/picture association idea will blossom into its own entity for people to connect with our music. Maybe we'll even have contests about this stuff. Who knows?

Past all of that, we are just working quietly in the background on our songs. Can't wait to show them to the world one of these days. In the meantime, keep an eye on the horizon for the debut of FP. We'll work hard to make sure it is worth the wait....

~ Todd

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