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Monday, August 3, 2009

Woohoo....first post!! (not yoohoo, unfortunately)

Check, check, testing 1...2...3...Is this thing on? Well, this is Matt the drummer dude for FP, otherwise known as the time keeper, beat master, father of the drums, or just the plain ol' heart and soul of the band. Just ask the other guys, they'll all tell you the exact same thing but in their own words. Haha...if you know me, you'll know that I'm only kidding and much more humble than that. Not to brag, but I'm probably the most humble person ever. (If you haven't caught the irony and sarcasm in all this, please start back at the beginning and catch up with the rest of us right.....here.)
On a more serious note, my name is Matt Goodner and as stated before, I am the drummer for this contraption we call FP. I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with my incredibly talented and just plain good looking fellow band mates Todd and Jake to create some really crazy-good stuff (in my opinion) that I can't wait for ya'll to hear. I have been playing the drums for about 11 years now. I've had the chance to play with a ton of really talented people throughout those 11 years, but am most excited about these fellas in FP. We are a tight group of guys in the studio (upstairs of an old farmhouse) or out watching a movie or playing Xbox on a projector screen behind my garage. The three of us really connect well and get along super-duper which is very odd for bandmates. But, I can't finish this post without divulging the heart and soul of FP...
Well, maybe not heart and soul, but we couldn't do it without her.....and that "her" would be my wife Brittany. She lets me have two (and up to four) guys over every Thursday to play loud music and eat food that she slaves over a hot stove to make while fighting off our viscious dog, Mowgli. Ok, maybe not viscious, but he can be a lil overbearing at times. So if you read this hun, THANKS A MILLION from all three of us.
So this is getting long and quite boring *that's what she said.* If you've made it here to the end, congrats and thanks for sticking with me. You should all be hearing from us real soon...peace

~ Matt

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  1. You're the best sweetie! Thanks for the thanks! LoL. I wouldn't cater to anyone else but you guys!!