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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twitters Now Tweeting Properly Again...

Got the Twitter feeds fixed again. And if you'll notice we now have a combined column for a slimmer, trimmer look. Nice.

Stupid hackers (see previous post below).

Also, since I am here posting a quick blog, I should mention that Jake completely nailed his bass tracks for 'Sycamore' this week and that his bass parts are now finished being recorded. I do have some minor assembling/editing to do with his raw tracks but I hope to have that work done within the next couple of days (in between U.S. History, sciences, etc). Next up are my guitar tracks/layers, and then the main vocals. Then who knows? It will be quite deluxe when finished....

Past that, we (the band and our families) are taking this Thursday night to blow off a little steam by way of a wiener-roast, possibly another outdoor movie (weather permitting of course), and best of all, lots of guns and ammo. Yes folks....although I do not personally own a gun (yet), Jake and Matt both have a small arsenal on hand including a Russian sniper rifle (with armor-piercing rounds), a double-barrel shotgun, and plenty of other pistols and rifles of various makes and calibers. Should be quite a good time so long as we don't forget to wear hearing protection.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates....

~ Todd

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