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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Update 9-19-09

My bad. Last week there was no blog update. Had a lot going on (including a 3-day weekend getaway with family and friends). Then this last week has been a blur as well. But among other notable things:

1) "Sycamore" had technical issues regarding Logic 9 and the bass parts this past week. There are plenty of subtle tempo fluctuations that I had to pencil into "Sycamore's" Logic song project, and apparently one of Logic's newest features (Flex Editing) doesn't like it when there are tempo changes. Poor Jake. We tried and tried to record his bass parts Thursday night and the Flex feature really mangled things up. Badly. After about three hours of fighting Logic we gave up and decided to come back to it at another time. Sadly, Jake's playing was solid that night. (Thankfully there were a few brews on hand to combat the frustration.) But for now I think I have a workaround. Kind of a pain but at least we can get the job done.

2) I am currently sick with a chest/throat/head cold. Sucks.

3) Earlier in the week (before getting sick) I managed to write 85% of a new song called "Some Other Year". Matt thinks we should record it prior to "Marigolds" and so that works for me. It's a happy song (as is "Marigolds") and it will feature the first time that I will have ever used a tremolo effect on my guitars in a recording (err...I think this will be the first time). You say you don't know what a "tremolo effect" is? Well guess what? When "Some Other Year" is released, not only will it be a new aural adventure for you but it will also be an educational experience as well. (Or maybe you can Google 'tremolo' or check out Wikipedia if you simply cannot wait?) Cheers!

4) Umm. Let's see...

5) We uploaded a video of Matt getting warmed up before a "Sycamore" session (in part so that we could adjust levels, etc). We do have an FP YouTube channel in progress however it is still a work in progress and we aren't ready to show the world just yet. But more bling, videos, comments, links, ear/eye candy, interviews, etc will get uploaded there in due time and then we will let everyone come in and check things out. We also have the obligatory MySpace page being worked on but all of our non-blog sites are still in limbo as we are still ironing out more pics, our bios, and of course our first recording. Links will be posted accordingly just as soon as we have things to our liking.

Hopefully we'll wrap up Jake's bass tracks on "Sycamore" this week and maybe even start tracking my guitar parts. Will keep everyone posted!

~ Todd

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