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Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Update 10-16-09

Hello Readers!

Here's the weekly FP News....

1) 'Sycamore' has 90% of the guitars recorded now. The only thing left is the main lead part in the bridge. Haven't quite found the tones I have been hearing in my head yet. Getting there. Just need to tweak things more and mess with mic placement perhaps. But it is getting very close. Other guitar odds and ends may show up as things start getting embellished at mixdown but all of the core parts are finished and honestly they sound amazing. So far no amp sims or plug-ins, just good, honest tube amp tones through several mics in a normal room. There are clean tones, Ebow tones, feedback tones, overdrive, etc.. It's all there and it was all mic'd the old fashioned way. Wow. I truly love the guitars on this song.

2) This last week I have been building bass traps for my studio and I have 1 1/2 built so far. I intend to have four bass traps (one for each corner of the room) and eventually a 'ceiling cloud' panel section suspended above my listening space. My boys have been a huge help to me in the process, and Anderson especially loves to run the grinder on the Dremel tool (he likes the sparks). I hope to finish up the second bass trap tomorrow and then I will just need to find the right cloth material to wrap these traps with. The bass traps I have made are 80"H x 32"W and they will pretty much reach from the floor to the ceiling in my studio room. I think I will have to rearrange my gear once those traps are in place, but it should be worth it once I get my studio's troublesome bass nodes in check. Should make my mixdowns much more efficient.

3) I plan on starting vocals on 'Sycamore' next week. Can't wait to hear it all in the mix context. Also, I plan on posting the lyrics once we get closer to wrapping this song up. Stay tuned...

4) We started rehearsing the main instrument parts for 'Some Other Year' tonight. Matt played some drum parts differently than I had originally envisioned (and his ideas were much better I might add) and it was very 'there'. Fortunately my iPhone saved the day again and we did a quick scratch recording of it all while it was fresh. Lyrically (and musically) S.O.Y. is pretty light and happy. I jokingly told the guys that S.O.Y. is our 'get pregnant' song as it deals with a lot of the issues and feelings of young love and starting a family. Fun stuff and definitely fun to sing about.

I think that covers the main stuff this week. I may have overlooked something significant but if so then it escapes me at the moment. As always there is much more in the works and a lot to keep track of....Will keep you posted!

~ Todd

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