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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekly Update 10-27-09

I love this band....

1) Matt, Jake and myself went over to Chambana's Old Chicago Pizzeria last Wednesday night just to hang out and sample a few brews. The pizza was great and so were the weird flavored beers (my fav being a 50/50 mix of Guinness Stout and Woodchuck Hard Cider that O.C.P. calls a 'Snakebite' - although Woodchuck's site officially calls this concoction a 'Black Velvet'). The funniest moment of the evening came when I had to 'make more room for the food' by retreating to the men's room. Matt and Jake were sitting on the same side of the table opposite of me at our booth and so when I went to the restroom they were left sitting next to each other all alone on their shared bench. Nice one. According to Matt, I was in the restroom approximately 12 minutes (i.e. 12 minutes too long) and both he and Jake (both being 'straight' in their sexual orientations) were feeling a little awkward during those gruelling 12 minutes. Needless to say they were glad to have me back once I took my place at the booth again. Of course I think the looks in their faces said it all when I returned from the bathroom. But hey...

Pizza and drinks at Old Chicago: $30+

Leaving your buddies in an awkward public 'bromance' situation: 'Priceless'

2) I have currently finished recording the vocals for 6 out of 12 phrases in the 3 verses of 'Sycamore'. That being said, things are really starting to come together and our collective genius is taking shape. :-) There is a very strong chance that we will be releasing a preview snippet of the song once I get some of the chorus sections done. Not a finished mix mind you. But a nice preview to let people get a taste of where we are heading. And there is a 95% possibility that the 'preview' will be presented by way of a teaser video. Hang in there folks. We are getting closer to getting our pilot song finished up....

3) The fabric store called last night to let me know that the remaining 12 yards of material I special ordered for my studio bass trap panels have arrived. Will be heading to Chambana in the next couple of days to pick up the fabric and then hopefully I can get the remaining 3 panels finished and properly set in place in the studio sooner than later. I really don't want to mix 'Sycamore' until those panels are installed.

4) Matt just celebrated his 24th birthday last week. A bunch of us met up at Jocko's Pizza Inn in Danville and it was a lot of fun. The FP logo was a featured icing item on his birthday cake (baked and decorated by Matt's wife Brittany) alongside a Chevy/GMC logo, a John Deere tractor(?), and some Craftsmen tools. A good endorsement/advertising deal to be sure and a sign of things to come? I envision the infamous orange FP insignia being plastered on interstate billboards, a limited (and highly collectible) run of FP M&M's, and of course being front and center on the hood of at least one NASCAR contender. People will catch on.

Fine Print:

All contents of this official FP Blog are: Copyright (c) 2009. All rights reserved. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. The example companies, organizations, products, people and events depicted herein may or may not be fictitious. No legal association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

5) Jake says he is letting his hair grow out again. Jerk. Wish I could....

6) Pre-Production is going very well for the next song 'Some Other Year'. We anticipate perhaps two/three more sessions of writing before we start tracking drums for it. And I am still working on SOY's lyrical direction (been steadily getting there). Interestingly enough, my initial plan for this song was to keep it simple and radio-friendly, especially considering it is sort of a universally appealing young-love song. However, after our last writing session, Matt fostered a grand plan to give this song a somewhat unexpected epic turn towards the end. Assuming this song continues heading in this new musical direction (and I'm hoping that it does as it is totally brilliant) it will be huge and quite memorable indeed. I seriously can't wait to start recording this one folks. Wow. Past 'SOY' we will most likely pursue 'Marigolds' as song #3 (unless something better comes along in the meantime). And at some point along the way I would like to see an accompanying music video produced for either 'SOY' or else 'Marigolds'. We have connections folks, just need to put our heads together and figure out the creative direction. What fun!

So that is all for now. Stay tuned until next time! Hopefully I will have Sycamore's vocals finished up by the next blog post. 'La la la la la...'

~ Todd

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