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Monday, November 30, 2009

The FP Fish Have Returned!!!


After many reports and complaints of the FP Fish 'disappearing', I have gone to the trouble of restocking them in a slightly larger aquarium with cleaner water. I have also upgraded their food supply from the generic black stuff to a more fish-friendly greenish-grey variety. Hopefully their new environs will be more conducive to their delicate health. Also, I'd like to dispel any myths or rumors our readers may have heard regarding the feeding of the FP Fish. Being of the Koi/Goldfish variety, the FP Fish are in little (if any) danger of being overfed. You may feed them as often as you wish for as long as you wish. They won't eat themselves to death and disappear again. I suspect that the former fish coding picked up a virus, which in turn killed the former FP Fish. An underlying coding virus would also explain why those who encountered missing fish were all on Windows-based PC's, whereas I never had any problems seeing or feeding the FP Fish when using my Mac laptop (FYI, Macs don't get viruses). At any rate, $#!t Happens folks. But it's all good now and the new FP Fish are adjusting well to their new home.

Also, you may have noticed there are more fish in the FP Fish Tank. Previously we had eight fish in our care. Now there are ten. I figure since we moved up to a bigger tank, we could allow for more fish. Makes good sense. And the new fish now have names: the three orange ones are Ed, Tiger, and Jaws (female, male, and female respectively). The three black fish are Monique, Jamaica and Samson, two brothers and their sister. Then the two red ones are Tiny and Red, a boy and girl, although they are not of any birth relation. Then there is the yellow one we call Number Nine (we aren't sure if Nine is a boy or girl....kind of hard to tell with yellow goldfish....don't ask!). And lastly there is the strikingly beautiful albino named The Brain, although you may notice he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed (he is oftentimes the last fish to get to any food you may drop in the tank unless you put the food very close to him). We thought it best to give everyone in the FP Fish Tank proper names this time around so that we can keep tabs on all of them better. You never know what may happen in the fish tank....

So there you have it folks. That's the deal on the new FP Fish. If you notice any hanky-panky going on in the fish tank then just make sure it isn't between Monique and Samson, since they are siblings, and fish incest would be bad and might result in disadvantaged (i.e. 'fugly') goldfish babies with missing scales or fins and/or bulging eyes. Other than that, it's all fair game in the world of fish. Also, please post on this blog or email us immediately in the event that any of the FP Fish start disappearing again. I usually try to feed the FP Fish once a day but sometimes a couple of days might pass by before I can check in on them again. But in the words of Former First Lady Hillary Clinton, "Our lives are a mixture of different roles....Most of us are doing the best we can to find whatever the right balance is"....Or in layman's terms, if we all pool our efforts together to take care of our new finned friends, then the world will be a better place.

Hope you enjoy the new FP Fish Tank....




  1. Yea! I am so excited that the blog fish are back! :) I like having fish around I can't kill, since in my family I am known as the fish killer. :(


  2. Okay, you said that Monique, Jamaica, and Samson are two brothers and their sister. Don't you mean two sistuhs and they brotha?