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Friday, November 20, 2009

Matt Awakens

Ok, ok...I know what you're all thinking. You all think that Todd is making all this up about a band since he's the only one that posts on this BAND blog. The truth is that we do exist, we just aren't as tech savvy as Mr. Todd. I did feel on the eve of this long week of recording that I, Matt Goodner, should sound off a bit.

Although I would much rather prefer playing live events, I do enjoy the recording process. The process of recording is a very tedious, in depth experience that really helps to discover the song. Sure, we have the main frame of the song all planned out, but when we review and record each section line by line, we often stumble on some really sweet ideas. Some ideas can be as basic as moving a few notes around, others can be so severe as to change the whole structure of the section. You just never know. Once we do figure out how we want to arrange each section, the real work begins. This task involves tens, even hundreds, of repetitions of the same section looking for that elusive perfect take. This rare moment is the mecca of recording, it's the tootsie roll in the middle of the tootsie pop, the oh, so rewarding final take. That may be a little hyped up, but it's a good moment and I hope to have many, many of those moments in the upcoming week.

Not to be forgotten, so much more hard work is done in preparation of the actual recording of the drums. We have to arrange, move, arrange, move, arrange, and then most likely move again, all of the mics and stands to make them all fit around the kit. Once we get the placement correct, we have to make sure the spacing is consistent with all of out previous recordings. After a few hours of that, we get to run cables from the recording room to the actual studio so we can plug EVERYTHING in. Phew....all this talk about work is making me tired. Hey Todd, why don't we just hold off on this for a while? Haha, I'm only kidding, I'm anxiously awaiting the recording of "Some Other Year." It's going to be an awesome song and I can't wait to get started so all ya'll can hear it and be a part of it. Hang in there with us....we've got some excellent material headed your way.

Thanks as always,

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