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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Update 2-5-10

Hello Everybody! It has been another crazy week. Here's the latest:

1) We've received a lot of favorable remarks and comments concerning 'Sycamore' as we have passed out a ton of CDR's to friends and family. We've also received some helpful critiques which we are also glad to hear. Keeps it real for us. At this point I think it is fair to say that we will let 'Sycamore' rest for a bit before we think about making any changes, and honestly even if we do make any changes they will be very minor and not noticeable to the average listener. We like where it landed overall even though there will always be things that we would have wished we would have done better. Hindsight is always 20/20. So now we are raking in feedback from listeners and taking notes. And at some point we'll open the 'Sycamore' project back up and make some adjustments. But just not right now. We are very eager to move on to the next songs and for now we need to move on and move forward. As to those new songs...

2) 'Some Other Year' is being tracked as we speak. Right now it is mostly on Jake's shoulders and he has been working hard at it. It feels good to be starting at ground zero again and we have a lot of ideas that we are trying out. Most of the basic song arrangement stuff is done, but the details and nuances are still being sorted out for the actual recording. Fun fun fun!

3) 'Marigolds' is where my head has been most recently. We had our 2nd 'Marigolds' rehearsal tonight and as one might expect, some of it went very well while some of it fell flat. And of course that is what we need to have happen if we hope to see where a song's strengths and weaknesses lie. 'Marigolds' main strength is in its choruses, due in no small part to the 'Woo Hoo!' that Matt, Jake, and I all yell at one point. We actually practiced our Woo-Hooing this evening and got into it. And the mood was fun and happy. Imagine if you took a poppy Third Eye Blind song, mixed it with some classic 'Jack and Diane' era John Mellencamp, and topped it off with some Woo Hoo's. That might put you in the neighborhood of 'Marigolds'. Sort of. That all being said, I'm struggling with the Pre-Choruses vocal parts (kind of like I initially struggled with the big vocal bridge in 'Sycamore') and I just need to spend more time honing my vocal skills. But this song may be a really good candidate for a radio single someday. We get to the point, do our woo hoo's, and then we wind the song down. I'm guessing this song will hit around the 3:30-4:00 mark (give or take). No crazy guitar solos. No moody interludes. No subliminal phones ringing in the background. It's just a fun song that will be easy to hum and most importantly it will make people go 'Woo Hoo!' Gotta love a song like that!

4) We were hoping to start up a weekly YouTube Video Blog this week but we weren't quite ready for that. Next week most likely. We are needing to spruce up our YouTube Channel a bit before we make a big deal about it and start directing traffic over that way. Also, we are brainstorming on ways to keep all of our networking sites tightly integrated and synced up. If we post a YouTube video then we want it to automatically feed our other networking sites. If someone visits our blog then we want to have obvious (and enticing) links to all of our other sites (MySpace, Twitter accounts, Photobucket, FaceBook, Flickr, etc). Etc etc etc.. The more traffic the better. Which means a lot more media being put up each week. This of course just takes time but we are on it. And I think the worst of it is just in the initial set-up. Once things get rolling it is usually easy to maintain. So having said all of that, our YouTube Channel is next on our list of sites to dress up. We have a web designer in mind that we are planning on commissioning for some custom artwork and layout design. Should look pretty spiffy when it is finished. Stay tuned....

5) I'm pretty tired right about now. Head hurts, eyes are itchy, and my neck is stiff for some reason. But I am pretty excited about posting all of this stuff. I love FP and I am very excited about what we have in the works. One of these days we'll even start 'playing out' live and that'll be an entirely new dimension for us. But we know it is on the horizon at some point and we hope to do our songs justice. Like everything else, we just have to put our hands to the plow and push forward (or hang on tight....depending on your perspective). It's all good....

Will post again sometime next week!

~ Todd

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