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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Sycamore' mp3 Distribution...

Just a quick Public Service Announcement: the free download link to our first song release 'Sycamore' is down. I'm not sure what has happened to the URL that was embedded into the mp3 link, but it no longer works and the file hosting service we have been using thus far no longer allows us to embed an actual download link. That sucks. But in a way the timing is good since we just received confirmation today that our song is now 'Live' at several online locations. To those of you who really feel the need to hear 'Sycamore' again and again but haven't downloaded it yet (and we totally understand your ravenous cravings for all things FP), there are several ways to get the mp3:

1) If you have a FaceBook account, go to our Fan Page and click on the free streaming Music Player. The mp3 quality is exactly the same as before, however you will only be able to 'stream' it versus actually being able to 'download' it into your computer. But this is a great way to 'Try before you buy'. Kind of like how the oriental food court restaurants in malls offer those little toothpick samples to wet the appetite. Also, while you are there, please become a fan and support the band. As a fan you'll get to post comments, suggestions, feedback, and whatever else is FP-relevant on the FP Fan Page Wall. We have a growing following and now is the time to jump on board and get in on the action. We also occasionally post 'Fan Page' exclusive content, updates, and other tidbits that you won't find here on this blog or elsewhere. Just another good reason to do the FaceBook thing....

2) Very soon we will have a streaming mp3 player widget here on this blog where you will be able to 'stream' our songs without the need for any special accounts or memberships. It will also include a few pics, basic band info, mp3 purchase links, video content, and FP related upcoming events. Stay tuned...

3) You can now purchase and download 'Sycamore' at the following iTunes Stores: US, UK/European Union, Mexico, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and Canada. You can also purchase the mp3 from Amazon.com. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, 'Sycamore' will also become available for purchase at the following online vendors:

(Please note that when searching for our songs, we are catalogued in these various vendors as 'theFPband'.)

Sony Connect
GroupieTunes / imvu / SonicTap
Amie Street
LimeWire Store
Myspace Music

So there's what is going on with 'Sycamore'. Will post more FP activity updates later on this week....

~ Todd

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