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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FP Video Blog Episode 2: Late-Night Calisthenics

For our next installment in the FP Video Blog series, we offer you a 5-minute clip of me 'farting around' (figuratively speaking) on my blue Telecaster 'Daphne' while my younger son Anderson is 'farting around' (literally) while shooting the HD camera. This footage was taken at a very late hour back when I bought my first Line 6 SpiderValveMk2 half-stack. I was unwinding after as busy day (sometime back in March 2010) and I was casually exploring a few arpeggios and scales.

Also, at the very tail-end of this video I played the main intro riff to our upcoming song 'Rabbit Hole'.

About the style of this footage: the ambient lighting was horrible for shooting film, and I didn't even realize Anderson had the camera on me at first, so we ended up using an 'Edge Detection' video effect (plus B&W) on the entire clip in order to brighten things up a bit. As such, this entire video may at first seem corny or haphazard, and in a way I would agree with you, but at the core I felt like this was a good representation of how things are around the house when I am working on stuff. Also, I really dig how the frets, strings and pickguard stand out with this sort of video treatment. It almost has a cartoon-ish vibe to it. Hope you enjoy the nonsense and the casual approach we took with this episode...

~ Todd

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