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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Update 7-29-10

The Latest...

1) For all intents and purposes, Jake's bass lines are finished on 'Marigolds' as of 9pm this evening. He came. He saw (err...listened). And he conquered. Funny thing is that he had actually practiced one of his crucial bass line maneuvers incorrectly most of the week (wrong notes), yet when he came in for tonight's recording session he was still able to relearn/play the correct parts in a matter of minutes. Impressive. Very impressive. The crucial bass line in question is rather tricky on the brain and especially on the fingers, but he made it look and sound easy. A real professional that Jake is...

2) 'SOY' is nearing the end of its tracking sessions. It has proven to be more difficult and elaborate than we originally expected. But we are prevailing. I still need to record some more of my vocal layers and variations, and we have one other non-FP person in mind for helping with the some of the backing vocals. I am also getting ready to set up a multi-mic array on one of my amp rigs to lay down the lead guitar solo section on 'SOY' as well as everything in 'Marigolds'. I'll take some pictures once we get it all set up and rolling.

3) 'Rabbit Hole' is still in the works but somewhat on hold as we pick up the pace on the 'SOY' and 'Marigolds' recordings.

4) As mentioned in my last post, I took on a quickie London-based mixdown project. It has gone well and it may very well lead to more work of this sort down the road. And if nothing else, it was a good detour from our FP material and helped clear my head a little bit since I got to help solve someone else's mix issues. Funny how it helps to pull away from the things that are most near and dear to us (in this case the FP material). It was almost like a 'working vacation' and it has really helped relight the fire in me to sing and perform on our own band material.

5) Yesterday I got to be the first (non-family) test driver for a newly formed guitar company called Vibrance Guitars. The good folks at Vibrance brought the two prototypes by my house and all I can say is 'Wow'. I've been privileged to have a small hand in certain elements of the design of these new guitars from their inception, although I do say that lightly. Craig Collins, the owner and luthier of Vibrance Guitars, has obviously done the real work. He's just asked for my opinions and thoughts along the way as he has designed developed his first two prototypes. But his prototypes were stunning in every way. And my own very first Vibrance Guitar is soon in the works! I cannot wait! Craig is a perfectionist and his high level of craftsmanship is evident in every way. I will definitely take lots of gratuitous pics of my guitar(s) once it is finished.

That's it for now....

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Todd

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