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Thursday, September 9, 2010

'Some Other Year' is Almost Here!!!

Just a quick status update on our second official song release, 'Some Other Year'. We now have everything recorded and tracked and awaiting mixdown (which should begin first thing Monday morning). This past week we added some more guitar textures (think interesting noises and cool ambiances), the last bit of Jake's bass parts on the final chorus (which proved trickier than anticipated), a few subtle synth textures (think more interesting noises and cool ambiances), and a couple spoken phrases by Matt and Brittany Goodner. There are a couple places in the song where I plan on adding a bit of synth texture if needed, but I can't make those sort of decisions until the bulk of the primary elements have been mixed properly (namely the drums, vocals, guitars, bass, etc). But I'd like to see this song out the door by the end of next week(?)

Until then....

~ Todd

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