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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOY Mixdown Update: 9-22-10

OK....so here's the deal on the new song that we're about to release. The mixdown is still in progress but going well. I ran into issues with dialing in my lead guitar tones to suit the new mix. That cost me a morning of tweaking. And then as I began to tackle the lead vocals, I ran into sibilance issues with the Chorus sections. In the context of the new mix, my S's and SH's were way too loud (uncomfortably so) and out of control (i.e. 'sibilance issues'). So I spent a couple of afternoons trying several different 'De-Essers' and a multitude of settings in the hopes of fixing the problems. That didn't work. So then I thought I'd try to re-sing the choruses with a less-sensitive microphone. That sort of worked but didn't seem like a complete fix. So tonight I heard a little voice in my head say 'Set up a Side-Chain De-Esser'. (And yes I really did hear that little voice in my head.) Mind you a 'Side-Chain De-esser' set-up is a lot more elaborate and was something that I have never previously tried. I'll spare you the technical details (you can read this link if you really must know how it all works), but I am having pretty good results so far and have learned something new in my craft that has hitherto been unknown territory. But as it is, I still feel the need to massage these vocal tracks to make them sound as good in the mix as possible. Not sure how long that will take. So to be fair, I need to push back the release date to perhaps next week or the week after(?) I'd rather not release sub-par material. Sorry for the delays....

Until next time (keep checking back for more updates!)....

~ Todd

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