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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly (sort of) Update: 9-2-10

How ya'll doing this evening? Here's the latest...

1) We're putting on the final touches on 'Some Other Year' before we start mixing her down. Forgive us for the crazy length of time since our last release ('Sycamore'). We've had more than a few hurdles to jump over to get this one to our liking, but we seriously are getting closer. (Yeah yeah...How many times have I said something along those same lines?...Ha Ha)

One such hurdle was my guitar solo. We had the perfect melody line worked out for it but I ran into several problems with string intonation (i.e. how 'in tune' the guitar sounds), especially on some of the higher notes that I was playing. So I took my Les Paul apart and made some fine adjustments to the bridge and voila I had better sounding notes! Only bad thing was after I heard things properly intonated I then realized that hated the way I delivered those notes. Everything felt stiff and lifeless. So one step forward, two steps back so to speak. However this problem turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I decided to restructure my approach in how I was playing the solo. So I kept the melody intact but I put in more string bends and such for landing my notes (which was harder to do but sounded way better and gave me more control over the intonation problems). And the resulting solo is one of my best ever. I am really happy with the end result and now I'm even glad those intonation problems 'forced my hand'. Necessity is the mother of invention!

Jake is 95% done with the bass parts on 'SOY' (which is funny because he is already finished on 'Marigolds' which is next in line for release). He amazes me with his consistency. Unreal.

2) I've started singing vocals on 'Marigolds' (although I haven't had any 'keepers' yet). But I'm upping the ante on this one vocally. I have a lot to learn about singing properly, and I'm also spending more time doing more traditional singing rudiments, not so much to change my style but rather to help me get the job done easier and more quickly. Admittedly I'm a hack as far as vocals go, but I intend to change that. Over time.

3) Tonight we talked about the possibility of playing a handful of gigs next summer/fall. We all want to get out there as soon as we have enough material and are able to get our live performance polished up. This coming fall/winter will be crucial for us to get things to our liking by next summer. Fortunately we have the equipment we need. Just need to practice and spend time honing our performances. But that is our hope at this point. Wish us luck!

4) One other tidbit of info. I have mentioned in previous posts that I took on some freelance work for a London-based band. They have now released their song 'Runaway Heart' as their first official 'single' along with a 'remix' version of the same song. They tracked/recorded their parts in London and then I took care of the mixdown and post-production of the 'original radio version'. Dubterminator (a dub producer from New Zealand) took care of the 'dub remix' version. Below is a link to their site. If you like what you hear you can purchase their song on iTunes, Amazon, etc..


Go check them out and support the band!

And so I think that's all for now. Time to call it a day and watch some South Park.

Peace and Love and all that Jazz...

~ Todd

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