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Monday, December 13, 2010

'Rabbit Hole' Updates

Just a quick update on how our new song 'Rabbit Hole' is coming along. We wrapped up all of the drum sessions this past week and now the drum editing/assembly begins. Fortunately, Matt is such a kick-@$$ drummer that all 'drum editing' on my end will be simple and efficient. Do we have the capability to fix timing mistakes on the sly? Yep. Do we need to fix any timing mistakes? Nope. Matt hit the ground running (figuratively speaking of course) and he nailed all of his drum parts in record time. Un-freakin-believable how good Matt is on numerous levels.

And now all that remains to be done with the drum tracks is to bounce things down, mix the levels, EQ'ing, compressing, etc.. Also, one sonic trick that we employ is that we listen to all of Matt's kick drum hits (usually several hundred per song), we scrutinize them to find the 'perfect' one, and then I layer that 'perfect kick' with each and every other kick hit throughout the song. The Pro's call it 'drum replacement' and it is a standard procedure for most commercial recordings. And while most engineers use various 'drum replacement' plug-ins to automatically do this process for them, I like to layer each kick drum hit by hand. I do have the tools to do things automatically, but I think it sounds better when done by hand one kick hit at a time. The whole 'drum replacement' process usually takes 3-4 hours per song, and truthfully it is horribly boring. But it makes a world of difference in the final mix, especially in the sub-sonic low-low frequencies. Listen to one of our songs on a suitably equipped sound system. My mixes are never as polished as I envision in my head (though I do try as best I can), but the kick drum hits are always sonically consistent as they should be. Definitely worth the extra time involved. I'll probably start that in the next day or two. It's ridiculously cold outside right now (wind chills are well below 0*F), so what better chance to stay inside my warm little studio? This coming week should hopefully be very productive...

Once I get the drum editing wrapped up I will start recording guitar tracks again on 'Marigolds' as well as more of my vocals. At some point in the near future Jake will start laying down his bass tracks for 'Rabbit Hole' (he's already done with bass on 'Marigolds'). But we will be taking it easy over the holidays. Christmas only comes once a year and FP efforts can give it a rest until the new year. Time to recharge and enjoy the season...

I will possibly post here again before the end of the month. Not sure yet. If not, then I would like to wish all of our friends, family, and growing fan-base a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for being a part of FP and for making this last year a special year indeed. As I often say, much more is yet to come...


~ Todd

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