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Friday, January 21, 2011

FP Update: 1-21-11

Howdy Howdy Howdy!

Wow what a couple of weeks we've had in FP Land! One nice thing about the winter months is that we all stay inside more and get more recordings going. As I mentioned in the last post, I am (for all intents and purposes) done tracking the guitars for 'Marigolds'. And now this week I think I conquered the main chorus vocals to 'Marigolds' as well! I still need to record some backing vocal layers (as does Jakeman), but having the primary chorus parts finished is a big deal in my mind. I still need to sing and record the Pre-Choruses but I can't fathom those being as tough as the choruses were (nothing like stretching our limits). So vocals are on my plate at the moment.

Jake on the other hand has a lot on his to-do list. Backing vocals for 'Marigolds'. Rerecord a small bass section in Verse 2 of 'Marigolds' (no biggie there). Record all of the bass tracks for 'Rabbit Hole'. And write lyrics for the final verse and chorus of his new song. The working title for the new song is 'Getting Away' and he and I have spent quite a bit of time figuring out guitar and bass and vocal melody parts to it. My son Tyler thinks this new song will be his favorite FP song thus far. He also made some good suggestions to Jake and I about the lyric content/story for this new song. At any rate it is taking form quickly and all of our gears are turning nicely. I cannot think of anything I enjoy more about music than the process of writing and crafting and performing new songs. It all just works...

Per Matt...he's waiting on Jake and I to sort out our parts for Jake's song before he worries about his drum parts. Past that he's off the hook for a short bit (which works out well since he and his wife Brittany are only a few weeks away from having their first child).

So that's the latest bit of FP News. Short and sweet. Been so busy recording that I haven't had much time to post updates or make new teaser videos. But that's a good thing! Our next recording will be released soon!

Until then...

~ Todd

Sunday, January 9, 2011

FP Update: 1-10-11

Happy New Year Everyone!

We're very excited about some things we have planned for this year...New songs, new recording sessions, new boundaries being pushed, new ideas! And for the first time in years I feel rejuvenated as I head into the new year. No resolutions mind you. No delusions of grandeur either. Just a sense of gratitude and excitement knowing that FP is alive and well and that we love what we are doing. That being said, here's the latest Current Events:

1) 'Marigolds' has come leaps and bounds since my last post. With the help of Craig and Lucas Collins of Vibrance Guitars, I recorded all of my guitar tracks to 'Marigolds' over the holiday break. Craig loaned me their #003 Double Cut prototype (see first pic below) for several days for me to test it out in a recording context. Lucas sat in on most of the guitar sessions as a second set of ears and assistant producer. Lucas' ears and ideas helped shape my guitar parts and my guitar tones, and his input was invaluable. Funny what a difference it can make when someone sits in on a session. There's more energy, more focus, more intention. And Lucas was able to make suggestions whenever I would make a mistake or needed to make decisions about amp settings, which pickups to use, etc.. It all ended up yielding very very good sounding guitar tracks that I am very happy about. Also, I had previously recorded several tracks with my beloved '05 Les Paul and Dean Z guitars, however I opted to replace all of those original tracks with new ones using the Vibrance #003. The Vibrance just sounded like it was in a league of its own when compared to all of my other guitars....

Past that, I am now ready to finish up the main vocal parts on the pre-choruses and choruses. I've been trying to keep my voice in good shape and have been trying to ward off the occasional cold or sore throat. (You gotta love the winter months!) Hopefully I'll nail my parts in short order and then we can start to wrap 'Marigolds' up. Once the main vocals are ready, Jake and I will go back and drop in a few backing vocal parts as needed. Then perhaps a couple of sessions of background guitar layers? Then it should be ready to mix and release. Will be here before you know it so stay tuned! (Below is a pic of the amp/mic set-up I used for 'Marigolds')

2) We have begun to flesh out some of the basic guitar parts for a new song written by Jake. (I'm actually listening to a mock-up demo of it as I write this post!) No name has been set for the new song yet, but it is mostly in the key of G minor and is about 115 beats per minute. Fairly mellow and deep. Reminds me a bit of old U2 stuff from the Joshua Tree album (which is a very high compliment in my book). Can't wait to see where this one goes as it develops!

3) The drums are finished on 'Rabbit Hole' (and even rough mixed for the time being). We'll be covering a lot of musical territory over the course of the next several songs, so fasten your seat belts. Jake will begin bass sessions soon on this one and then it will be left to me to track guitars and vocals. We've probably had the most fun when writing this one and working out the parts, and it will likely be one of our favorites to perform live once we start doing shows. It's dark but also very fun, if that makes any sense. Perhaps like a good Coen Brothers film?

So that's it for now. More pics and posts to come so keep checking back! We'll be busy in the background!