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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Calling All WooHoo's!!!

WooHoo!!! by theFPband

Hello FP Fans!

We need your help!

We need a bunch of FP fan-based "WooHoo's" sent in to us for our soon-to-be-released song 'Marigolds'. The more WhooHoo's we can get the better. All contributors will getting honorable name mentions in the song/album credits. Here's how it works....

Listen to this demo of Todd's "WooHoo" and then use your computer's built-in microphone, your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Droid/smart-phone voice recording app, a recorded phone voicemail, or whatever else you can use to record yourself 'WooHoo'-ing. We need fun/rowdy/excited WooHoo's from all ages (guys and gals) for this to work. If you can WooHoo then we want to hear it! Then send in the file (mp3/Wav/AIFF/etc) to our band's email address:

Subject Line: WooHoo!!!

We'll see how many our friends, family, and fans can submit over the next couple of weeks. We'll try to cut off the submission date around the end of March 2011 so that we can finish this song and get it out to the masses. The rest of the song is pretty much done and ready to go but we thought we'd make this extra special by involving our listeners and making them a part of the fun!

So start WooHoo-ing and send us your best!


Todd, Jake, and Matt

(P) (C) 2011 The FP Theory

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