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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Marigolds' Update: 3-30-2011

Hello! Hello!

Just a quick status update on how 'Marigolds' is coming along. We felt we needed a little bit more umphh on certain sections of the lyrics (beyond the extra layers I had already sung) and so we enlisted the help of my sister Charlie. She came over Sunday afternoon and recorded vocals for almost two hours. I had her sing a bunch of variations just to have plenty of options on hand, and at this point I am in the process of fiddling and experimenting with different parts of her vocals. As such I'm working on finding the right balance for her parts. Too much can be a distraction but too little can be pointless. Good times.

Also, as with any mix, I'm trying out different tones and EQ treatments on the bass parts. Easier said than done, especially in my smallish studio room where I do my final mixing. Small rooms are the bane of mixdowns and even with all of my sound panels (and all of the crazy research and money that I've poured into my mixing space) there is still a fair amount of trial and error involved when dialing in the low-end of a mix. Every song that I mix hopefully sounds better than the previous one, and it is forever a learning process for me. Plus I'm a perfectionist. But I will get this finished ASAP.

We're pretty much done collecting "WooHoo's" from everyone and it was a ton of fun going around and getting friends and family to 'WooHoo' for us. A few days prior to the release of 'Marigolds' we plan on posting everyone's WooHoo's individually so that everybody can hear themselves (and all of the other WooHoo'ers of course!) WooHoo'ing. I recorded a bunch of people WooHoo'ing using my iPhone 'on location' at my workplace, outside restaurants, in warehouses, behind taverns, at church, at various homes, out on the streets, etc.. I think we have over 60 WooHoo'ers WooHoo'ing for us. Talk about funny stuff. Some of these 'on location' recordings are hilarious and during the course of capturing all of these WooHoo'ers WooHoo'ing in their natural environments, we soon realized that we just had to share these clips with everyone. Get your giggles ready folks...you're gonna need 'em!

So all in all I'd say that this song is 75% mixed down and good to go, and I've been making some serious progress on it these last several days. I know everyone just wants to hear it sooner than later, but it has to be 'right' before we showcase it. Our name is attached to it and so it needs to be good. Real good. Hopefully you'll find it was worth the wait...

Stay tuned!

~ Todd

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