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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FP Update: 4-26-2011

"This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel."

- Horace Walpole (circa 1776)

And now for the latest FP News:

Lots of crazy things have happened over the last two or three weeks. I have had several unexpected house repairs (broken windows, broken gutters, etc) thanks to Mother Nature, our family minivan got a very bad bill of health which in turn prompted us to find a new vehicle (this time we found a nice SUV...yesss), I had a rough week of allergies that eventually forced me to go to the doctor (I'm all better now...thanks for asking), and my beloved MacBook Pro laptop (the centerpiece and control center of my humble studio) bit the dust. Sort of.

This last Saturday when I was at work giving guitar lessons, my MacBook Pro (MBP) lost its display screen. Nothing but blackness. The rest of the laptop seemed to be functioning just fine, albeit without being able to see anything on the display. Not good. So I finished that afternoon's lessons, went home, started doing some research, and came to the conclusion that my MBP's graphics card bit the dust. Again, not good. So after some more research I realized that the repair costs would likely be high and that it might just be a good time to upgrade to a newer model (the broken MBP is a late '07 model). So later on that day I ordered a new MBP from Apple with all of the upgrades in hopes that I can get through another four years of heavy usage with this new laptop. (And while I was ordering the new laptop I also decided to order a new iPad2. Sweetness.)

Concerning the old MBP, I decided I would probably just EBay it for spare parts. So yesterday (Monday) as I was doing some more research on my broken MBP (so that I could offer some sort of explanation of what needs to be fixed to any potential EBay buyers), I stumbled upon an obscure Apple Forums memo that stated that my broken MBP would likely be eligible for free repairs from Apple as they had a bad batch of graphics cards from NVIDIA (NVIDIA is the company who made the graphics cards). Nice one. I just spent a ton of money to replace a laptop that could potentially be fixed for free? Wow. Go figure. Timing is everything. That being said, I was bummed only for a couple seconds before I smiled and told myself, "But you're getting a brand new MBP and an iPad2! Score!" So with any luck we'll be able to get my old laptop fixed for free, which will mean that we'll have a spare (albeit a bit older) MBP floating around the house. Sweetness.

So what does this all mean for our fans? Well, unfortunately it means that my studio is currently shut down until I get the new laptop. And then once I get the new laptop I will still have several hours/days(?) worth of updates, programs, and settings to configure and install. And all of that means that our new song's release is getting pushed back a bit. (Bummer...and I was soooo close to getting 'Marigolds' finished just before my laptop crashed.) Fortunately, I am 99.9% certain that none of our recordings will be lost or ill-affected as I can simply copy them over from the old MBP's hard drive to the new MBP's hard drive. But again, I anticipate all of this taking some time. We're talking about a few hundred GB's of data. I still won't have the new MBP for a few days, so in the meantime I have been getting some work done around the house, homeschool stuff caught up, studio equipment repairs taken care of, and the like. So in a way I feel like I am on a mini-vacation since I haven't been able to work in my studio for the last few days.

Also, my two custom Vibrance guitars are within a week or so of getting finished. Between waiting on my new laptop to arrive and waiting on these two new guitars to get finished, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come around. The anticipation in the air is palpable folks. I've been trying to keep myself busy so as to make the time go by quicker but that's easier said than done of course. But all of those things are on the horizon. Will be a crazy week next week. And a fun one! Can't wait.

And also (since I am in 'waiting mode' right now), I've had some extra time to practice my vocals and guitars for our new song, (tentatively titled) 'Getting Away'. Like 'Rabbit Hole' this new one is a darker, and perhaps a bit moodier and ethereal. Jake, Matt, and I plan on resuming our weekly practice schedule this week and work begins on the new song. We haven't had any rehearsal time since we finished up the drum session for 'Rabbit Hole' back before the Holidays. Will be good to get back into the flow of things.

So I think that's everything for this FP Update. Thanks for checking in and checking up! Stay tuned for more!

~ Todd