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Monday, May 23, 2011

FP Update: 5-23-2011

Just a few quick announcements...

We are ready to release our third song 'Marigolds' just as soon as we take care of some red tape. We have the mix finished the way we want it and we'll be releasing it in the next few days! So keep your eyes peeled on our blog for download and/or streaming links. As usual we will be offering this as a free release if you download it directly from us. (You'll also be able to purchase the song for 99¢ via iTunes, Amazon, etc, if you would rather go through an official online distributor. Either way, we want this song to lodge itself in your head....you have been forewarned.)

Also, we are still wanting to make all of the individual WooHoo's available for your listening pleassure. We spent a lot of time (and lots of giggles) going around to people to have them WooHoo for us. If memory serves we have nearly 80 WooHoo'ers helping us out. We'll get those WooHoo's out sometime in the near future. (The big priority lately has been wrapping up 'Marigolds' as well as writing new material for song #5. Only so many hours in a day....)

Another update concerns 'Rabbit Hole'....all things being equal I plan on starting guitar sessions this week and next. I've been holding off on that because of wanting to finish 'Marigolds' and also because I wanted to wait until my two custom Vibrance guitars were ready to go. All systems are a 'go' now and so tomorrow I can take off the Producer's hat and just focus again on being a guitarist...can't wait to get started!

So that's all for now...the new song will be in your ears very very soon! Enjoy!

~ Todd

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