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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FP Update: 7-19-2011

Howdy Howdy!

Here's the latest FP Update:

1) Perhaps the biggest FP News is the addition of a new member to FP. Yep. You read that right. FP is now a four-piece unit. Ever since the beginning of FP I always swore up and down that we would remain a trio. Well...sometimes someone comes along that changes your way of thinking, and our newest member-in-the-making Robert Shepherd has done just that. We approached Robert, a long-time friend of Jake and Matt, last week about joining FP as a second guitar player, and Robert said he'd love to. He has sat in with us a couple of times during past drum sessions and rehearsals just to hang out with us. And Robert and I have already messed around with a couple song/riff ideas for a tune I'm calling 'The Antebellum'. What's more, his playing style and background is a good balance to my own style and background and it already feels natural to work with him and collaborate on material. He'll be adding a lot of nice dimension to FP's sound and writing style and we are very excited about having him become a part of FP. For my part, I am looking forward to having another guitar player to bounce ideas off of and giving me some breathing room to focus a bit more on my vocals. Mind you, I have no intention of slacking in my guitar playing, but Robert will definitely make my job as a singer/guitarist easier to manage. Good things will happen...

2) 'Rabbit Hole' is temporarily on hold guitar-wise in order to allow Robert some time to familiarize himself with it. The current plan is to have him add some guitar tracks to it as soon as he feels comfortable to do so. That being said, he has his work cut out for him as there are a lot of bass/drum/guitar interactions going on that are really tough (but really fun) to play. Again, good things will happen...

3) Drum sessions for 'Getting Away' are currently scheduled for the first week in August. We intended to record Matt's drums for that song sooner, however, work schedule conflicts, Midwest heat indexes reaching 110*(+) in the shade, and other odds and ends have necessitated that we hold off until the first week of August. No biggie. Hopefully the Midwest heat will simmer down a bit between now and then.

4) We are still working on our special WooHoo YouTube Channel and hope to have it open to the public soon. I am offering some light commentary on each WooHoo'ers performance to make things a little more entertaining which is asier said than done when there are 70-some-odd WooHoo'ers to write about. I probably have half of the commentaries finished as of this moment. Will be worth the wait though, especially when you hear some of the WooHoo's that we recorded. Funny stuff.

5) We also have someone in mind to give us a hand on putting together FP YouTube videos (on our main Channel) from raw footage that we compile. We'll wait to release that person's name once they get the first video up and running (probably in August sometime?) But we feel pretty serious now that we have a fourth band-member and our first volunteer staff member. Good things will happen...

Until next time...

~ Todd


  1. So, does FP stand for Four-Piece now? :)

  2. Wow, was wondering what you guys were up to, then I read this. I really hope being a four-piece takes you guys to the next level!

    And ugh, it's been so hot lately. Luckily it rained this morning ;)