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Friday, August 19, 2011

FP Update: 8-19-2011

Hello Hello...

OK....So first matter of business: Sorry to everyone for the month-long (to the day) silence here in FP Land. We've all been quite busy and before I knew it, an entire month slipped by without an FP Update. Dang. We actually had one fan from the Chicago area tell us "I got a little sad when the FP Updates slowed down"...Oops. Our bad. We really are working hard in the background to get more music out. Lots going on...

1) I think the biggest news is that we finished up the drum sessions for song #5 called 'Getting Away'. It's probably our moodiest song to date and it eschews the common song formats that frequent most airwaves today. Simply put it goes like this: Intro/Verse1/Short Interlude/Verse2/2nd Short Interlude/Big Chorus/Mellow Bass solo stuff/Big Guitar Solo (and Big Everything Else as well)/Quick Outro....Finis. When we were initially writing this song we were trying to figure out the best place and best way to land it. We tried several different ideas, and then Matt suggested that we simply shorten it and Get the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks Out of Dodge right when the listener expects us to go on further. Worked beautifully and it thus became so. (Don't worry about me giving the plot away...it will still take you through some unexpected twists and turns when you first listen to it...You'll like it.)

(Below is a pic I took while recording drums for 'Getting Away'... A room with a view - or more specifically a bathroom with a view - of a corn field. - It's a Midwest thing.)

2) So now that the 'Getting Away' drums are recorded, the next agenda on The FP To-Do List is to have Jake start recording his bass parts to it. While Jake works on that, Robert and I are going to focus on our guitar parts for song #4 'Rabbit Hole' (along with my vocals which are well under way). Once Robert and I get the primary guitar tracks done for 'R.H.' (and once Jake gets his bass parts done for 'G.A.') we'll all swap songs and then Jake will finish up his remaining parts on 'R.H.' and Robert and I will tear into the guitar parts for 'G.A.'.... Make sense? :-) With any luck at all we'll have a much shorter span between these two new song releases than what we have had in the past with our first three songs. Lots of work to be done, but we are definitely getting the hang of things these days. Good times.

(And speaking of 'getting the hang of things'....here's a pic of our original drum mic channel layout sheet that we keep using for every song. Kind of a cool pic. It just struck me as an interesting moment when I saw the page sitting there.)

3) Robert and I have come up with (more than a few) new song ideas. We actually wrote some guitar parts to a new song one Thursday morning, then later that same day when we met up with Matt and Jake for band practice, we showed them the basic ideas we had developed and then everyone was able to improv off of that. What was even crazier is that the bulk of the lyrics I wrote were off-the-cuff as we were playing it. I didn't have any lyrics when we first started playing the song, but I did have a lot of good lyrics once we got started. Everything just came together on the fly, and four minutes later we had a basic song structure in place. Nice. Needless to say that was a pretty awesome moment for all four of us. I've had plenty of situations where I have improvised guitar parts to fit a certain vibe or session, but lyrics usually don't happen that way for me. But with this song, the words just came to me as needed while we played it for the first time. Very nice indeed. Consequently the lyrics really suit the music and I hope we are able to start recording this song very soon. The working title for it is called 'Beautiful'...

4) As mentioned in earlier posts (from way back when we first started this blog), I have several songs in the works that just need some FP group therapy and (in some cases) a little more work lyric-wise. Some of the working titles for these songs are 'Drowning', 'The Antebellum', '451 Sandusky Drive', 'Montego', 'Anderson Hill (A Small Town Epic)', and a bunch of others. And it seems more ideas happen each day. Needless to say, it's a good day to be an FP enthusiast. There's lots of ear candy coming your way folks. We play stuff the way we like it and we all put our best into it. Good things will happen....Stay tuned.

That's all for now. Hopefully the next FP Update won't be a whole month away. :-)

~ Todd

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