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Thursday, December 1, 2011

FP Update: 12-1-2011

Happy Holidays FP Fans!

Here's the latest:

1) I've been whittling away at the vocals on 'Rabbit Hole' in the studio. I have had several 'good days' (and a few bad days in between) and overall it is really turning out well. Also, we've really come a long way with our live band rehearsals. Our 'Rabbit Hole' live version is getting much tighter and tonight I was really admiring how we were sounding tone-wise and balance-wise. We still have a couple small kinks to work out here and there but I think everyone is trying hard to 'do their part' and I am really anxious to perform 'Rabbit Hole' live somewhere. It simply sounds good and we all find ourselves smiling when we work on it. I even lost my place with one of my finger positions on guitar tonight because I got so absorbed in the 'sound' of everything. I'm a bona fide tone-freak and as such I couldn't help but get caught up in the moment. It's funny when the 'listener' in me usurps the 'performer' like that. Hopefully our audiences will experience the same sort of 'lost in the moment' episodes like that. I can't wait to play live shows...

2) Speaking of rehearsing for our live stuff, 'Getting Away' almost got away from me at tonight's band practice. For whatever reason, I've been struggling to find the right notes when singing the melody. Seems like the melody we originally wrote has always been either too high or else too low for me to sing effectively at full band volume. So tonight I had the guys pull back volume-wise long enough for me to experiment with some new vocal ideas. Turns out I just needed to start singing a harmony part in place of the main melody. Everything ended up being a 5th higher than my 'lower version' of vocals. And it really adds to the vibe of the song and brings a depth to everything that (we now realize) had been previously lacking. It's a bit tricky to hear at first but I am so getting that part down before we have our next rehearsal. Wish me luck!

3) I'm slowly getting all of the pieces to my 'pedalboard puzzle' assembled. This past week I was able to pick up a Carl Martin OctaSwitch Mk2 and I'm now trying to gradually get the cabling I need to hook everything up properly. It's amazing how expensive proper cabling is going to be for this pedalboard by time it's all said and done. But it will be pretty amazing once I've finished putting it all together. Here's a quick shot of some of the pedals I'm planning on using (including the big red OctaSwitch):

That big red OctaSwitch will keep me from having to do too much 'tap-dancing' during live shows. I know all of those pedals look a bit complicated to most folks but it's really not too crazy. An overdrive, a couple fuzz pedals, a couple echo pedals, and a cool tremolo pedal can produce quite a bit of ear candy. It's the signal routing and powering schemes that get a bit tricky to figure out. But (as I've said many times before) I'm a total guitar geek and I love the tech side of things like this. I probably spend way too much time lying in bed each night mulling over big ideas about how to use my gear in new ways. Even just today I stumbled upon an unexpected sound while putting a couple of my pedals in an unconventional order, and it made me smile from ear to ear when I heard the results for the first time (and that sound will definitely get used in future FP adventures). Stuff like that just makes me happy...

So anyway....I think that's all for now. I feel like I am forgetting something that I was going to blog about but it escapes me at the moment. If I think of it, I'll post again....It's getting late and apparently my caffeine is wearing off.

Time to sign off until next time...

~ Todd