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Monday, January 16, 2012

FP Special Update: 1-16-2012

Howdy All...

Today's post is a bit different from the norm. A good friend of the band's, Jeff Nardoni and his wife Tiffany, lost their 5-year old son Thao this past Friday after many months of on-again-off-again illnesses that ultimately surpassed the scope of modern treatment. That being said I wanted to share a short tribute song that I put together and recorded on the night of Thao's passing:

We are very saddened by this loss but at this point all we can do is support, encourage, and most importantly, pray for the Nardoni family as they grieve and adjust to their 'new normal'.

A bit of history between Jeff Nardoni and the band:

Besides being in the same circles as Jake, Matt, and Robert while they were all in high school, Jeff has also played a significant role in my own life as a close friend and fellow artist. A couple years prior to the incarnation of FP, Jeff encouraged me to give a hand at singing. We were working on a song that I wrote called "I Don't Care" and the plan was to have Jeff take care of the main vocals with me doing possible back-ups. As I previewed my scratch demos of the song to him (with my vocals serving as a scratch pad of sorts), Jeff really pushed for me to do the main vocals and for him to do the back-ups. Jeff is definitely a much more gifted vocalist than I but he was pretty adamant about my vocals being at the forefront. The rest is, as they say, history. The song recording went well and it left a good taste in my mouth for me doing vocals more often. And quite frankly, if it were not for Jeff's encouragement, I would not be singing in a band today. In my opinion he single-handedly got me started singing. Here's the song that Jeff and I put together (I played guitars, synths, bass, etc....Jason Landis played the drums....Jeff sang the upper harmony vocals throughout):

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff and Tiffany and their family...

~ Todd

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Honey! I guess I didn't realize that Jeff was the one who encouraged you to do your own vocals. That's pretty cool, because I definitely enjoy your sexy voice on the FP songs! I will have to make sure to tell Jeff thank you!!