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Saturday, March 24, 2012

FP Update: 3-24-2012


Don't you just love it when your favorite bands go silent and vanish from the radar for a bit? :-) That's usually a good indicator that they are working hard in the background (or perhaps hardly working?) or else they are all way distracted in their lives. For us it's all of the above. We've whittled away at finishing up 'Rabbit Hole', we've almost started recording again on 'Getting Away' (several times), and we've had to cancel a ton of our weekly rehearsals of late because our schedules have all been topsy-turvy.

The Life and Times of FP...

But fear not FP fans...all is not lost. Just delayed a little bit. Fortunately (and this is one of the many benefits of being in an unsigned band with good friends) we aren't real stressed about it. It's better to relax than try to 'force' things. Some of you may remember when we kept talking about how 'Sycamore' was 'getting closer to being done'...yada yada yada. Well, same goes for our next two songs. Your patience is appreciated!

So that's my mini-update. This one is slim on the details by intention. More news to come in the next couple of months...

Hang in there...

~ Todd