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Friday, April 13, 2012

FP Update 4-13-2012

Hello All...

Todd here. Just another quick mini-update:

1) I've started hitting the vocals again on 'Rabbit Hole' and they are coming along nicely. I'm picky. And a bit of an amateur. Your patience is appreciated... :-)

2) We actually resumed band practice this week after a nearly 6 week hiatus. For whatever reasons (and they have all been legitimate reasons mind you) we have not had much luck finding time to rehearse this winter. (Yeah I know...that sucks...we feel your pain.) It hasn't been for lack of wanting to practice obviously. Just seems like 'everything under the sun' came up that nixed our weekly sessions. Grrr. And so naturally last night's practice was rough as we were all a bit rusty. But it was fun! And we all know what we need to do to make things sound better. It never ends really...

3) We're still working on recording all of Jake's bass parts for 'Getting Away'. I'd say he's halfway finished. We had a bass recording session last week but Jake blistered-up his fret hand ring finger while doing repeated takes of a tough sliding maneuver he does in the song. So we tried to bandage it up so that he could go on and keep recording but the bandage kept coming off and so we stopped before the blister actually burst (it was about 1/2" wide and ready to pop...TMI right?) Jake's finger has since healed and we are now back in business...Good times!

4) I've started writing new material again and have been trying to capture song ideas as I go. Rhyming has been easy for me these last few days for some reason (caffeine related?) And for some reason my guitar playing has been more fluid (and maybe more aggressive?) than normal lately and that always makes me a happy camper. I'm a bona fide perfectionist (which isn't always a good thing) so when my playing feels 'on' it is a very big deal to me. Hopefully it'll stay that way for a good long while.

So that's it for now. I'm tired (it's 2:20 am) and my brain is slowly turning off. Looks like I had just enough time to get a blog post done...Nice!

Until next time...

~ Todd