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Friday, May 18, 2012

FP Update: 5-18-2012

"A One...And a Two...And a One, Two, Three...Go!" My how times flies! Another month and we've been quiet here at the FP Blog. Not for lack of excitement. Quite the opposite actually. Here's a quick rundown of FP Current Events.  1) We've been rehearsing again and it has been very productive. As I have stated in recent posts, the goal is to start playing live shows in the not-so-distant future. A few kinks still need to be worked out but we're not sounding half-bad for only being able to rehearse once a week. The muscle-memory is kicking in and we're not thinking about things as much as we are just doing things. That's always a good sign! 2) We currently have "Rabbit Hole" on hold until we can get a couple people scheduled in to sing some backing vocals for certain parts. Most of everything else is tracked, edited, and ready for mixdown. We just feel the recording itself needs a bit more 'lift' by way of extra vocal layering.  3) "Getting Away" is still in queue for guitars and vocals. We just haven't had time to get to it all. Would be nice if Robert and I could have a week off from our jobs/routines to really nail down our guitar tracks...  :-) 4) I've been heavily involved with an upcoming boutique guitar maker to produce and perform all of their multimedia content for some national advertising they are planning. This includes photography (Jake handled the actual camera work), tons of photo editing (me and Jake), demo video filming (again Jake's camera work), demo audio clips, logo design, advertisement concepts and design, etc etc..  That all being said, I just got done editing the roughly 300-ish photos that made the final cut (we took over 5000 pictures over the course of two weekends). I put in the request with everyone involved for one more photo shoot for some specific angles and close-ups (glamour shots of the guitars) that I need for the demo videos. We also attempted our first demo video(s) filming session a couple of weeks ago but we plan on trying again in the very near future to get better content. The first attempt is always rough but now we all 'have our feet wet' so to speak, and I anticipate much better results on the second time around (I am the consummate perfectionist visionary about stuff like this...).  One of the big perks in doing this body of work is partly the pseudo-endorsement arrangement I have going on with this company. Another big benefit is that FP will be getting free national advertising by way of the company adverts. Plus a few other perks. So this is definitely a 'dream job' for a guitarist such as myself....  :-) 5) Fifthly, (and I will be playing certain details of this one close-to-the-chest for the time being) we have been approached by a NYC-based Film/TV/Media placement company to use our songs in their roster, and I am also being courted by this same company to come on board via a composer deal, which would in turn mean that I would have an open door with them to contribute more work as I see fit, plus I'll be in consideration for freelance scoring, sound designing, song production, etc.. They have sent me the initial round of contracts and the remaining documents will be sent next week sometime. There is a lot to look over and take into consideration here, and we have a lawyer-friend handy if the legal-speak gets too deep, but we are interested in their offers and they have excellent credentials and a rather heavy-hitting clientele base. Again, until we get through the contract stage of things, I will steer clear of naming names and certain specifics. But I'm happy for the chance to do future freelance work-for-hire doing the very things I love the most! Another dream job for a guy like me to say the least! 6) And lastly...As if all of that weren't enough excitement, I've been slowly picking up more and more freelance work (in addition to my 'day-job' doing guitar lessons). A couple weeks ago I took on a short stint as a music notation transcriptionist for a Bollywood-genre company based over in India. That was intense and fun all at the same time, and they've left the door open for me to do more work for them as my schedule allows. Also beyond all of this, I am in pursuit of another 'freelance opportunity' that has the potential to eclipse everything I mentioned above work-wise. Will keep everyone posted if that develops favorably... So that's that. Lots going on behind the scenes. Hope to have our next song released soon for everyone. Patience is a virtue!  :-) ~ Todd