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Thursday, July 26, 2012

FP Update: 7-27-2012

Howdy All! Sorry for the long radio silence of late (seems like I start every post along those lines yes?) The little FP gnomes have had their plates full but we do have some good news... 1) Rehearsals for the entire year of 2012 have just been hard to come by. As such it's still reassuring when we reconvene after a month-long hiatus and yet are able to pick things up right where we left off. That being said, we've been having some very productive rehearsals lately. We are reworking 'Some Other Year' just a little bit to make room for two guitar players (which means I sing more and play slightly less guitar, which in turn works out really well for our live sound). Also, we'll likely retool 'Sycamore' in a similar fashion to pull it off live. I'm not real keen on both guitar players playing the exact same parts on top of each other...Makes for a very cluttered mix. So we are especially trying to be mindful of how we divvy up guitar chores. But honestly Robert is the perfect collaborator for this as he thinks and plays differently than I do and he really takes FP to a new level. And for my part I'm not territorial about playing certain things versus other parts. Usually it just comes down to 'What parts can Robert take care of that makes it easier for Todd to sing?'...That and 'Who's amp and guitar rig works best for whatever parts need played?'  I'd say those decisions are made more on practicality than anything else. And Robert can handle whatever gets thrown at him... 2) On a tech note, I'm moving to an in-ear monitoring system to help fix a few live performance issues. Eventually I'd like to go wireless with the in-ear stuff (it's on my radar)...less cables and all...And I think I'll be modding a guitar strap (or two) to have my ear-bud cables securely attached inside them to keep the headphones from getting yanked out mid-performance. I'm also needing to put together some sort of hold-me-over pedalboard for my guitar pedals and such (until I can afford the nice cabling I want for my 'big board')...The tech stuff never ends...Tools of the trade! And I also have another custom Vibrance guitar in the works (a Bubinga Double-Cut that will excel at warmer/mellower tones). Got to love gear! 3) So as for the 'news' I mentioned above, we are likely just a month and a half away from our first live debut. We have a place in mind (probably not where people would expect) and it will likely be a semi-private show mainly for friends and family. We've put 'late-Aug/early-Sept' in our sights, hence the push on rehearsals. But we're feeling ready for it and once we have a couple 'low-key' gigs under our belt then we'll likely start playing out on a (hopefully) regular basis. Also, just as soon as our live set is tight to our liking we'll start back in on writing/recording new material. I'm especially ready for that! Lots of ideas that have been getting stockpiled as we have focused on our live stuff lately... 4) 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Getting Away' are still going at a snail's pace but only because of other obligations as well as work-related stuff needing to be done first. I wish they were ready to share but they've taken a backseat lately and I'd rather postpone Greatness than rush Mediocre. But they will get done eventually. It's all about Artistic Priorities... So that's the latest FP News... We'll be in touch! ~ Todd