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Sunday, September 30, 2012

FP Live Debut: 10-20-2012

Hello Race Fans! Just a quick FP announcement: We have officially scheduled our first live gig for Oct 20! This initial live appearance will be a private debut (as a gesture of thanks to our families and loved ones) and this will be our FP kick-off to future public gigs. Good things are about to happen! Stay tuned! ~ Todd

Sunday, September 2, 2012

FP Quickie: 9-2-2012

Hello! Hello! Not much news to tell right now but I wanted to break the radio silence to let people know that we are all still alive. We had been having some pretty productive rehearsals up until a couple weeks ago when a major storm system came through the area and Matt and Brittany's house took a direct hit from a lightning bolt. They lost several appliances, a new computer, and some other stuff and they've been trying to resolve issues with their ouse's wiring ever since. Needless to say we have not wanted to risk frying any band equipment until the electrical problems are safely fixed. So, that's where things stand at the moment and we'll just scoot back some of our plans accordingly. No biggie. Stuff happens and this has been a rough year for pushing the band stuff forward. Of course we're not throwing in the towel...Just allowing it to hang out and dry as needed. Things could be worse! But everyone is doing well in spite of the few curve balls that get thrown our way... Stay tuned and thanks for checking in! ~ Todd