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Friday, April 19, 2013

FP Update: 4-19-2013

Howdy All!

Just a few quick updates for ya...

1) We are nearly done writing our new tune called 'Again...'  There are still a couple small details to sort out but it's basically complete. I need to spend a little more time fleshing out the lead guitar melody that keeps haunting my mind, and Jake will be stepping up to the mic on this one for some backing vocals which is a big deal and will add a lot to the song, especially live performances. But at this point we all feel we could tackle this one at a show. Very cool song and it's very much in the FP vibe of things. Can't wait to start recording this one!

2) Another new song we are calling 'Softer' is coming along nicely. We have some basic chord changes in mind but need time to iron out the individual details in a full-band context. Also I still need to finish the lyrics on this one but the main melody is there and ready to go. That all being said, I actually used a free M-Audio program called Ignite as I was coming up with some of the basic ideas for this one...I wasn't actually trying to write a new song per se but things just kind of happened. At any rate, I think this song will be one of our more 'catchy' tunes if you will. Not intentionally catchy but that is definitely how it has evolved thus far. It's a really fun and interesting arrangement and there's some really cool interplay going on between everyone's parts. I especially love the bass lines in this one. Reminds me a little bit of the bass lines from classic Hall & Oates stuff. Very central to the song's vibe and something that will make people hum along...

3) I know I have always made a point of stating that we are not 'into' doing covers of other people's stuff, but we have actually started messing with what could be termed as a Double Cover of sorts. I'll refrain from saying what song we are messing with but we are actually doing a cover of someone else's cover of a particular song. The original song is definitely cool and all, but we are all really smitten with another person's cover of this particular song and we'll be leaning more towards that newer version as we sort out the details. At this point, due to copyright clearances and royalties and such, we have no plans of recording our cover version of this song, at least not at this time. If for some reason that move would make sense at a later date, we might rethink things, but at this point it is merely a 'live performance' thing only, especially as we just really love this song and it isn't the typical cover that people would expect from us.

And that's all I have to say about that...  :-)

4) Currently we are also digging into a song idea we started back in 2011 called 'The Antebellum' and I think we stumbled upon some good ideas last night that will bring it a lot closer to being a complete song. We've had this really sweet bass/guitar/guitar interlude idea floating around and it just needed more ideas to support a verse and chorus. It's pretty mellow so far but we may be building up the bridge quite a bit to 'bring things home' so to speak. But this one actually had its beginnings back before Robert came into the band. Whenever Jake and I initially showed Robert the bass/guitar parts that we had up to that point, Robert came up with another guitar part that I'd describe as 'nothing short of brilliant'. It's beautifully melancholy and it reaches pretty 'deep' as far as the music vibe goes. It's fairly simple but it is just lovely in its own dark and intimate way. Sometimes it reminds us of old Eagles ballads just from the way that Robert's guitar lead lines stack on top of mine. As to subject matter, it's probably lyrically most akin to 'Sycamore' in that it is very 'relationship' centered with all of the subtle burrs and unspoken flaws that can beset the best of us...

So that's all for the moment. It's been a busy couple of months for us and we are loving it! Good things to come!

~ Todd

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