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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FP Quickie Update: 10.14.2014

Just a quick post to celebrate! let everyone know that Rabbit Hole's main Verse Vocals are sung and selected! I actually sang the new vocal verses last week and then stepped away from them over the weekend before doing any selecting of the various takes. The crazy thing is that I sang all three verses in one morning/afternoon (before heading to work) and then it only took one additional morning/afternoon (again...pre-work...today) to do the selection process. I think that may be a personal record for me...Dang.

So what's up with the telephone picture? Glad you asked! It's a quick shot of a modified telephone handle that I used as a microphone for the new Verse sections. I spent a couple days last week (before my singing sessions began) setting up various mics and mic preamps so that I could have plenty quick-and-ready options for tonal colours. This little telephone/mic hybrid won the shoot-out for vibe and tone for the Verses. And then I ended up using a Crown Royal whiskey sleeve as a pop-filter. From there I ran the telephone/mic through an older slightly-modded Vintech Dual 72 mic pre for grit and colour. Sounded great and was real easy to sing into...  :-)

Also worth mentioning here is that I came up with a brand new set of lyrics for the 3rd Verse. Since we first began writing 'Rabbit Hole' I've had several lyric variations for the 3rd Verse, none of which I have been completely happy with. Last week, mid-vocal-session, I realized that I didn't have any 'keeper' lyrics for the 3rd Verse that I could live with. So I put the telephone/mic down and penned the 'official' 3rd Verse lyrics. And they are completely new and different (and better me thinks) than the previous lyrics I had been singing...I like them lots!

So things are moving forward very nicely now and nearing completion. Dang. I've learned/grown so much over the past couple of years (especially from doing several side recording jobs) that I feel like I've got my stride on things again...Finally. And it feels good...

Until next time...

~ Todd

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