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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FP Update: 10.1.2014

"It is Finished..."

Well, at least the guitars to 'Rabbit Hole' are officially done being tracked/re-tracked. And that means that Robert and I are done playing said guitar parts. I may need to 're-amp' a couple tracks 'here and there' if some of our amp tones don't jive well during mixdown, but that would be a quick and easy fix and won't impede progress or cause any real delays. So the rest of this week I am doing some final documenting and housekeeping duties (i.e. finish jotting any tracking notes, make sure computer files of guitar parts are properly named and indexed, write down anything else that needs notated, etc). It's kind of like doing your taxes at the end of the year...kind of boring but essential and necessary. And in the case of Rabbit Hole's guitar tracks, the track count is well over 120(+)...Four mics per guitar performance/take can add up quickly. Dang.

So the plan, as of right now (once I finish 'housekeeping chores' for the guitar tracks), is to start re-singing certain vocals as needed...starting next week. Not sure how long that will take but I'd say those vocals are the Last of the proverbial Mohicans on 'Rabbit Hole'...

Moving forward...

Stay tuned...

~ Todd

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