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Monday, November 17, 2014

FP Quickie Update: 11.17.2014

Howdy Howdy...

Mixing of 'Rabbit Hole' has officially begun. Also, Jake came over last week and flew in some more backing vocals...but past that everything has been tracked and recorded so now it's just a matter of the mixdown and mastering. Albeit there is a rather massive track count with this one (mainly the multi-mic'd guitar tracks) and so there's lots of details to keep track of...and as they say the 'devil is in the details'. Fortunately we've done a much better (and more consistent) job of recording the various tracks (we keep getting better and better at this stuff) and so the mixdown should be easier and quicker than our previous efforts.

'Rabbit Hole Intro Fuzz' Settings
(This is what you're gonna hear first...)

So far my initial 'rough mixes' have been putting smiles on the guys' faces. Jake described what he heard as being 'more vibey...more organic' than what we've done before. And I'd have to agree with him. Like I said...we're getting better and better at this stuff. The learning curve has been stupid steep as always, but I love the ascent and the proverbial growing pains. I'm pretty sure people will dig the new song...

Will be in touch...

~ Todd