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Sunday, September 6, 2015

FP Update: 09.06.2015

Howdy Howdy...

Here's the latest:

1) 'Antebellum' is in the thick of writing/arranging and is coming along nicely now. We have messed with this song on-and-off for a couple years and just never felt like it was quite ready to push. Until now. We've been after this one for the past several writing sessions and we're experimenting with who plays which phrases and when, overall song dynamics, lyric revisions, etc.  And finally it seems to be ready to flesh-out and develop fully...without us forcing anything. Which is good for the song of course. I took a quick pic of a section of my lyrics...which have already been tweaked since the pic was taken. (See below) 

2) We have inadvertently set aside writing 'Ode To Falling' and 'Again' as well as finishing up the production/recording of 'Getting Away'. All of those are on the radar but in the meantime we've been stockpiling new material for other songs. A couple of fun (and quirky) songs in the works are 'Five Stitches' and another song that doesn't have an official name yet which I have been code-naming 'The Donkey Song'.  Both are going to be tricky to play and sing but lots of fun...  :-)

3) We were hoping to have all of these songs developed and ready to start recording drums sometime this coming Fall but realistically it looks like more of a late-Winter/early-Spring timeframe for that. Takes a lot of organization and pre-production and we aren't going to just mash a bunch of ideas together in hopes that they work. Songs are like flowers and some take longer than others to grow and bloom. The main thing right now is to keep putting the proverbial sunshine and rain on them and let nature takes its course.

That's all for now. Busy is as busy does...

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