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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Howdy Race Fans...

We're still busy in our FP Cave working out fresh new tunes for the masses. Probably one or two songs left for us to sort out and finish in pre-production and then we'll start recording all of the new songs collectively. No promises on release dates. We do have one song 'Getting Away' that we're nibbling away at as far as the tracking goes and then I'll go ahead and mix it and get it mastered and then we'll release ahead of the remaining songs we're working on. Thankfully (in a way) I've had a temporary lull in freelance work and so the schedule has been a bit better for getting FP stuff worked on. There's an old phrase that says "the cobbler's children have no shoes..." and historically that seems to be the case with FP's music. Sigh. So it's been a breath of fresh air having some brain/time/creativity in the gas tank for FP. Thankfully the guys in the band are all patient.  :-)

A few items of Blogger maintenance: We've added an FP Instagram Feed on our main page here to offer more frequent content. Pics are always a welcome addition to any news feed yes? BTW those Instagram pics automatically post to our FP FaceBook Page, our Twitter feed, and our Flickr stream in case anyone would rather keep an eye on those social sites. I also changed our main FP logo header pic so it won't look grainy on some browsers. And I updated our sidebar SoundCloud player so that it works as it should again. Apparently SoundCloud changed some of the coding in their players and our previous player went out of date. So I got the proverbial weeds pulled out of the garden and planted a new flower bed as well. Lovely. If anyone drives by and notices something askew please send us a PM in the comments links and we'll do a better job of taking care of things. Honestly this blog serves as a 'summer home' as it were and we don't check in on it as much as we should. The place can get shabby quick.

So that's all for now. Need to head back to the cave and get some more work done...

Thanks for stopping by...

~ Todd

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