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Monday, December 19, 2016

Howdy All...

Couple quick FP Updates:

1) "Getting Away" is inching closer towards completion. I was hoping to have this song wrapped up eons ago but life+work(+sleep?) has slowed things down along the way. Plus I decided to re-sing the Verses (sounding good now) and I am likely going to re-sing the Chorus vocals as well (just to see if I can capture a better vibe). On a positive note I've officially started this song's mixdown with all of the other elements. So there's that. The plan is to release this one soon as a standalone (although it will be included as part of an album as well) as a holdover until we crank out a full album. :-)

FP - 'Getting Away' (Full Mixdown Begins)

2) And speaking of a full-album, we just wrapped up another full-band rough draft for a new song, which brings the tally up to five new songs that we'll start rehearsing and recording soon. The plan is to attack all five of these new songs simultaneously, then remix and master our first three songs (to bring them sonically up to par with our new stuff), and then release a full-length 10-song album. And if we're doing the math right, that'll give us a solid 45 minutes worth of original material for playing smaller shows to get our feet wet out-and-about in the wild. Plus we have also toyed with the idea of doing a couple obscure covers for live performances just to round things out to a full hour if needed. Fun stuff.

FP - 'The Life and Times of Jack Henry' (Full-Band Rough Draft)

So there's the latest. Slow and Steady wins the race as they say. Especially when going the DIY route with jobs, families, etc.  Loving it along the way though! And keeping it real...

Will be in touch...

~ Todd